R&B Rent and Business

R&B – Rent & Business S.r.l. arises in the context of a business plan aimed at re-valuation of assets usually from bankruptcy proceedings and enforcement, seeking for induced trade on international market. Social activity is expressed essentially in participation in auctions and bankruptcy proceedings involving movable assets, both for daily use and defined “luxury” use, for the purchase of the same profitable prices.

These goods are then placed on the market for sale to third parties, or are to be hired, against payment of a periodic fee to the end customer. The market related to the bankruptcy proceedings and enforcement is very interesting, both for the quantity and variety in the offer and for limited costs of purchase, which guarantee high profit margin during the subsequent sale of the goods.

Our company does not operate in any way as an intermediary for third parties: it acquires in the name and on their own and only then turns to its customers.

Real Estate Finance

Client support in the issues related to real estate transactions.

Technical Consulting

Analysis support and technical evaluation of the building.

Investment Advisory

Study and evaluation of real estate investment operations.

Sales and Leases

Planning of acquisition and sale of real estate.

Market research

Analysis, assessments and market research with scientific criteria.

Law and Taxation

Support on legal, regulatory and tax practices in real estate transactions.

Service on documents

Retrieval and organization of information documents.

Company real estate

Real estate strategies aligned to business goals company.


Attribution of the correct value of properties and financial flows.